Cyber Crime Rates on the Rise in the UK  

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The report has shown that cyber crime in the UK rose by more than 9 percent in 2007.
According to Tom Ilube, chief executive, ‘Garlick’, majority of the crimes committed online were in relation to fraud and abusive or threatening emails leaving more than two million people prone to online harassment.
Though online financial fraud took a huge leap in 2007 with a 20 per cent rise, cases of online identity theft had gone down by 8 per cent followed by online sexual offences that fell by 2 per cent.
The study further revealed that the online crimes were being committed by professionals and one could expect an overall increase owing to the credit crunch that would led many people to perform illegal activities.
"It’s critical in this time of financial crisis that individuals are vigilant with their personal information, because as long as the credit crunch continues, we can expect to see a real growth in online financial fraud," BBC quoted Ilube as saying.
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