What Not to Buy in 2008  

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by Lance Ulanoff

Powerful financial waves are buffeting the USS Economy in extraordinary and dangerous ways, making it clear that this will be a holiday buying season unlike any other. But if you think recession (some say depression) concerns are going to keep me from producing my fourth annual guidance report on what to buy, consider, and just plain avoid, you're sorely mistaken, my friends. Sure, the financial climate has me feeling crankier, but that only makes it easier to dismiss the bad and pointless products of the past 11 months. So let's get started with my latest attempt to help save you from yourself this holiday season.

Home Entertainment

Don't Buy: Expensive Blu-ray Player

Sorry folks, but I still think $250 is way too much to pay for a DVD player. I'll reconsider my position only if manufacturers come to their senses over the next two months and start selling Blu-ray players for $149 or less.

Maybe Buy: Toshiba XDE DVD Player

I know standard DVDs are yesterday's technology. But if you have a vast library of DVDs and your current player is seizing up, this upscaling, image-crisping DVD player can be had for a lot less than competing Blu-ray devices. And it'll make your current and vast libraries of DVDs look pretty darn good on your new HDTV.

Do Buy: Roku Netflix Player

This $99 set-top box will open up your living room to a whole library of video content and is way cheaper than a new Blu-ray player. The current Netflix on-demand selections are, admittedly, limited, but there are many great movies, with a decent number of newish ones in the mix. Plus, I expect that Netflix will eventually open up first-run films to this service.

Caveat: If you already own an Xbox 360, you'll be able to access the very same library of Netflix movies on demand. (One can only hope Sony will get around to adding Netflix functionality to the PS3.) In that case, maybe you just give yourself the gift of a Netflix account.

Video Cameras

Don't Buy: HD Camcorders

I've come to the difficult realization that most people are not videographers, and HD camcorders, with all their bells and whistles (and $500-plus price tags), are overkill for average consumers.

Maybe Buy: Digital Camera with HD Video-Capture Abilities

My wife never shot video until she got a digital camera with built-in video-capture abilities. Obviously, the transition to shooting in HD, when it's simply part of the camera you already own, is perfectly natural. The Samsung NV24HD, for example, is a decent 10-megapixel camera with built-in HD capabilities. Sure, it's only 720p, but for most people, that's probably high-def enough.

Do Buy: A YouTube Camcorder (aka Pocket Camcorder)

Digital cameras that shoot video are great, but to get that video off the camera, you'll likely have to remove the card and put it in your PC. Then you have to know what to do next. Or you can buy a Creative Vado, Flip Mino, or Kodak Zi6. For anywhere from $99 to $179, you can get an all-in-one device that lets you capture standard and high-def video and pretty much everything in between, depending on the model. Plus, you can effortlessly transfer the video from the device to a PC and then online to share with friends. I, for one, carry Creative's Vado. It's thinner and smaller than an iPod classic and, like most of these pocket video cams, comes equipped with a built-in USB dongle and software that can automatically upload your video to YouTube. No muss, no fuss, and you're capturing moments and sharing them with friends, family, and, if you choose, the world.

Cell Phones

Don't Buy: Palm Centro

Look, I loved my Palm Treo 700p when I got it in 2007, and I know Palm has sold a million Centros (basically, a stripped-down, value-priced Treo), but we have no idea where the Palm platform is going. Will there be an open-source version next year? Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Do you really want to be married to what could very well be a dying platform? (full story Link)

HQ HD Windows7 Wallpaper  

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HQ Windows7 Wallpaper  

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Don’t Buy IPhone 3G  

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People planning to buy a iPhone. Please go through this first. I got this as a forwarded mail and I m posting it here, just to make sure that you will be aware of it and you at least can inquire before buying it. believe me I can’t assure you the credibility of the following content, but I am publishing since I heard from my friend who is in US, iPhone 3g was a huge failure there, so they are pushing the pieces to Indian market since we Indians are crazy about those phones. Thats why they are selling it around 12k bucks.


Friends, those of you in India planning for iPhone. THINK TWICE BEFOREMAKING A DECISION. The short comings of iPhone are endless:

>> No video calling.

>> No AD2P on the Bluetooth.
>> Can’t share any mp3, images & videos files via bluetooth.
>> Can’t use as a wireless Modem.
(you pay ridiculous data charges to activate internet on your phone,but cannot connect it to your PC and browse when you are at home)
>> No copy and paste. (cannot copy a part of a say, email & send it, have to type it out yourself)
>> No 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera. (the 2MP camera it carries is worst camera i ever seen, photos look like they have come out of a VGA camera)
>> No video recording with camera.
>> No front camera.
>> No flash.
>> No JAVA support.
>> No physical keyboard. (BELIEVE me! this alone is a deal breaker, touch keyboard as good as it looks, once you use it then only you come to know about the importance of having a hard keypad)
>> No 3G network yet in India. so why pay for expensive 3G phone if you cant use its 3G services. so, for India, iPhone 2.0 is no better than its first version.
>> No removable battery. (You cannot change battery. Have to send it to apple outlet. Come on now!!!! This is not an iPod Its a bloody phone. You cannot live without phone for 2-3 days)
>> No haptic feedback.
>> Cannot send MMS.
>> Can’t use as external storage device. (16 GB of utter waste, next time you go to your friend’s house & find some interesting songs, movies etc., sorry you cannot connect your ‘16 GB’ phone and share it!!!! Apple apparently has a solution, " BUY MUSIC & MOVIES FROM iTUNES STORE ", Give me a break will you APPLE!!!)
>> No FM radio
>> Can’t use your mp3 files as ringtones. (This is heights man!!!)
>> Cannot insert any other SIM card.
>> Completely tied to iTunes, Connect to your friend’s iTunes & you risk erasing everything on your phone.

list goes on & on & on…

We Indians are used to these features. Most of our phones already have thesefeatures. & we cannot do with out them. i mean can you imagine paying somuch for a phone with which you cannot transfer files via bluetooth. whatage is this. STONE AGE???
Some features may be activated by jailbreak. But why the hell should yourisk losing your warranty after paying so much.
And want to add third party softwares?? YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM FROM iTUNES STORE ONLY!!!. (Shell out more money). Apple is a bloody control freak. Dont surrender your freedom to it.
Its good for american market (who have no idea what mobile freedom/choiceis) which is in stone age compared to asian/european markets. When they wantto buy a phone, they have to go to network operators and buy only thosephones that are available on that network. & stick to that company tilltheir contract expires. You want to change carriers? Not before paying damages, & buying another phone on the other network again.
On the contrary, we in India have so much freedom. We go to handset shops &buy which ever phone we like. Then go to carriers. checkout the plans & buySIM. Dont like the plan or rival carrier came up with a better plan???? EASY, just remove & replace the SIM.
Apple are trying to IMPOSE THEIR MODEL ON US riding on the hype iPhone hascreated in the US (yes it was a flop in Europe why Apple never talks about its sales in Europe).
Dont fall for the subsidized price of iPhone. CHECKOUT THE DATA PLANATTACHED TO ITS SIM. they will recover the cost through ridiculous dataplans. Bill might come to around Rs 2500/month. (ATLEAST AMERICANS PAY THATMUCH)
Let me clear one thing though.. iphone is the best looking phone (its touchinterface is nothing like you have ever seen ), & best browsing experienceout there no doubt. (& others are fast catching up. check out theandpostroid demo at Google IO 2008). BUT AFTER A FEW DAYS IT ALL COMES DOWNTO FUNCTIONALITY…
Those of who buy it… You will be most happy for atmost a week & then, MARK MY WORDS. YOU WILL START REGRETTING IT!!!
My advice. WAIT FOR HTC DREAM!! (powered by android). Still not convincedby then…by all means go for iPhone
So friends lets spread this info to all our friends and help them in makinga wise decision & those of you who have bought unlocked versions already please share your experiences with others... (story Link)

Picasa Web Albums Gets Face Recognition  

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Google has launched a one-two combo of Picasa 3.0 (beta), the next generation of its free photo-editing software, along with a major technology upgrade to its free online photo-sharing site, Picasa Web Albums.
Picasa Web Albums now helps users automatically sort and share their online photos based on who is in each picture. Instead of requiring users to label their photos one-by-one, the ‘name tags’ feature in Picasa Web Albums uses advanced clustering technology to quickly group together pictures of the same person.
It also features a remodeled user interface, and uses new technology to help users organize and share photos.
Users can share full-resolution albums for free with friends and family and the web albums are viewable as full-window slideshows that load in the background so users can flip quickly from one photo to the next.
A new ‘Explore’ section gives users a way to enjoy photos published by other Google Photos users around the world, including a ‘Where in the World’ game in which you guess the mystery locales of geo-tagged photos.
New features in Picasa 3 make getting photos online easier, with a one-click ‘web sync’ that uploads an album and keeps it updated on the web when changes are made on the PC.
New tools also include a drag-and-drop photo-collage tool ; a retouching brush to wipe out scratches and blemishes, and repair old photos; a slideshow movie maker that uploads to YouTube with a click; Auto red-eye removal; Smart auto-cropping and a fast-launching Photo Viewer to inspect and manipulate images while in the Windows filesystem. (story Link)

GC 2008: 160GB PS3 Bundle Coming Soon  

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It seems both Sony and Microsoft never grow tired of re-bundling their beloved consoles!

A new 160GB PS3 Bundle will hit the market soon in North America, which will include a copy of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (one of the first few games to get Trophy Support, in case you Trophy whores haven’t already heard), a voucher that’ll let you download the PlayStation Network title ‘PAIN’, and a DualShock 3 controller.
Unfortunately, the features will be the same as the 80GB PS3, which means there will be no backward compatibility. The bundle will be available for $499.99 when it arrives this November. (story Link)

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