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The HCL MiLeap is a small form factor tablet-PC which will mainly attract you for its compact size and stylish look. Besides looks, let’s find out what more it offers!!!
Features: Powered by an Intel A110, 800 MHz mobile processor, it is based on the Intel 945G chipset. The lower FSB and clock speeds conserve power and the MiLeap impressively offers more than three hours of usage time. Its basic configuration along with 1 GB DDR2-667 RAM, should easily handle all your office work. The onboard graphics—Intel 945G—is good enough for watching movies, but intensive graphics processing is not happening on this one.
The stylus and the 7-inch touch panel, make a good digital notepad. Using hotkeys on either side, you can rotate the screen, launch the webcam, and adjust the screen brightness and so on. The standard connectors include two USB ports, card readers (CF/SD), an Ethernet port, audio jacks and a VGA port. Finally, the package contains an OS recovery disk, Microsoft Works 8.5 and a driver disk which make it a good deal.
Build quality: The most striking feature of the iLeap is its portability, stylish looks and the sturdy build. The iLeap is so light and handy, that you can even carry it like a personal diary.
The touchpad and buttons are manageable; however, people with large or fat fingers would find typing difficult on this model. But, if you need a PC of this form factor, then you obviously can’t have standard sized keys. The quality of the plastic used and the glossy screen is pretty impressive.
Performance: With a basic configuration, such as what this tablet PC has, stellar performance is certainly not expected. The iLeap is mainly intended for mainstream applications. For instance, running Microsoft Office, sending/receiving e-mails and running other work related applications is quite effortless.
The only contender that comes closest to the iLeap in terms of price and portability is the Asus Eee PC. However, the Eee PC doesn’t offer as much as the iLeap does, for instance, the former has upto 8 GB SSD hard drive and a native resolution of 800x480, where as the latter has an 80 GB hard drive and a native resolution of 1024x600. More so, the latter is a tablet PC, so the feature set offered is certainly superior.
Verdict: This is by far, the most affordable ultra portable tablet PC we have come across. If you are a frequent traveler and all you need is a light and portable PC to use only for office work, this one’s for you.But remember, typing is a bit inconvenient with those miniature sized keys.

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