Advertising Slogans #2  

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  • Sharp Minds, Sharp Products
  • Life's Good
  • The Perfect Experience
  • Connecting people.
    • Nokia, 1992 Ove Strandberg
  • Hello Tosh, gotta Toshiba?
    • Toshiba, 1984, Gold Greenlees Trott
  • It's a Sega Genesis, it's a SegaCD, and it's a Portable CD Player!
    • Sega of America, marketing the Sega CDX console in 1994.
  • It takes AGES to be as good as SEGA
  • Thousands of possibilities. Get yours.
  • PSP. Hells Yeah.
  • Do me a favor, plug me into a Sega
  • The Look and Sound of Perfect
  • The Audience is listening
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