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Now you can Send and Receive E-mail with your Mobile Handsets, no matter how cheap is. This facility provided by Rajesh Jain Company "Netcore Solutions”.
The interesting point of this service is The Service is not required a High facility Mobile Handset, so you can call it “Black Barry for Poors”. you can Send and Receive E-mail from this service with your every Mobile Handset who have SMS Facility. The monthly charges of this service is between 800 to 1200 Rupee Indian. The service is in works.
The service is come with 2 IDs, The 1st is Personal ID and the 2nd is Corporate ID, anywhere, any time you can Send or Receive E-mail With this service.
You have 480 Characters to write E-mail (remember: you have 160 Characters to write a SMS) and you have facility to forward your E-mail like SMS and you may have push E-mail Facility but its required a Data Enabled Mobile Handset.
Netcore Solutions CEO Abhijit Saxena say: we Introduce this service to Provide facility like Black Barry’s to people who cant afford Money to spend on value able Mobile Handset, so we can call it “Black Barry for Poors”.
Before this service The Company Provided Live New, Joks, Sensex and Bollywood News in SMS alert, the costumers of this company is reached more than 3.5 Million in the country.Finally, if you want to join this service, write a SMS to “Rajesh Jain Company Netcore Solutions”, than the company will forward you instructions about the settings to change in your E-mail ID. After that you can Send and Receive E-mail on your Mobile Handset, you have one copy of the E-mail into your E-mail ID and the one copy on your Mobile Handset, also you can transfer your all Previous E-mails into your Mobile Handset.

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