Intel showcasing Trine's Streets of Mumbai (Game)  

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Giving fillip to a budding gaming studio with immense growth potential, Intel has tied up with Mumbai based game development studio, Trine to showcase its latest game, Streets of Mumbai at the Intel Innovation Zone in Bangalore.
Speaking to AnimationXpress, Sangam Gupta, CEO of Trine Game Studio shared, " Intel acts as a technology platform partner with Trine and offers Trine in-depth testing and feedback on how to optimize the code for ready performance on upcoming Intel platforms. All our developer machines are running on the Intel platform and we have the best development hardware today ranging from powerful Core2 duo to dedicated Quad Core Xeon machines."
According to an official spokesperson, the association is a technical collaboration between the two parties on enabling game performance on future Intel client platforms. Technological support that Intel is providing Trine includes engineering consulting, knowledge sharing from other Intel gaming ventures from across the world, training on Intel software tools, future Intel platforms and marketing.
Intels chose Trine's work taking into consideration that it is an Indian company developing original content/IP, Indian retailers and customers want Indian content, the game has a local flavour to it, rich graphics which showcase Intel's C2D platform capabilities and that the game runs on an indigenously developed game engine.
Streets of Mumbai is in mid stages of production and is currently on schedule for a December deadline. A lot of technical changes have been made to the game to bring it up to international quality standards. "There are several interested parties for distribution of the game in India, talks with whom are on to work out the best possible deal. Things should be clear by early next year," commented Sangam.
Presently a technical demo of the game comprising one level and two cars is on display at innovation zone. The level is based on Mumbai's famous Marine Drive area and the team is currently working on another one which will be delivered to Intel by the end of the month. There will also be timely upgrades of the game during this period.
Concluded Sangam, "Everyone seems to be really excited about the game, and an association such as this will definitely help out in the long run where technical partners will have faith in Trine in future for providing excellent quality products. Our website has only been up for less than a month and we have been receiving a huge response from the Indian game development community as well as publishing/distribution offers from various Indian and foreign companies and not too mention tons of game developer resumes."

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