They will go for DirectX 11  

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The eternal question whether Nvidia will go for DirectX 10.1 with its next generation of chips is answered. It won’t and it never will. Nvidia will skip ATI’s DirectX 10.1 and plans to move to DirectX 11. DirectX 11 is scheduled for next year and this is the one that Nvidia wants to focus on. Nvidia has TWIMTBP and this gives them lot of close friendships with developers and publishers and most of them won’t ever touch DirectX 10.1 simply as Nvidia doesn’t supports it. 55nm Geforce GTX 280 is certainly DirectX 10 only while the real next generation will go for DirectX 11. This chapter is finally closed but we are sure that this won’t be enough to stop all the rumours. Naturally next generation ATI, lets call it R8x0 will also support DirectX 11 as this is the way to go in 2009, pre Windows 7 times.

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