Apple Invites Journalists to Notebook Launch  

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Apple has sent out invitations to a press conference on Oct. 14, where the company says it will launch new notebook PCs.

"The spotlight turns to notebooks," the invitation reads.

The launch appears to confirm rumors of new MacBooks, including possibly the so-called "Brick," where Apple's manufacturers would use lasers to carve the notebook from a single block of aluminum. The advantage would be to add stability to Apple's thin-and-light notebooks, helping to eliminate the flex in the chassis.

Rumors have also surfaced that at least one of the notebooks will be priced as aggressively as $800.

A lower-priced notebook could help offset worries that the fourth-quarter will be an especially tough one for tech companies, including boutique companies like Apple. This week, a staff economist for the Consumer Electronics Association predicted that fourth-quarter consumer spending on consumer electronics would be just "okay".

The press conference is being characterized as a "town hall," and will be held at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. (story Link)

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