Take the following steps to get the unlockable character skins in the new Prince of Persia on PC, PS3 & Xbox 360.

Effect on the game (followed by…) — The code or action needed to unlock it.
* The Prince of Persia Skin and Farrah Skin for Elika, both from The Sands of Time — Unlocked by entering the code “525858542? in “Skins Manager” under “Extras”.
* Jade’s Skin from Beyond Good And Evil — Unlocked by finishing the game once. Then activate it in “Skins Manager” under “Extras”.
* Altair’s Costume from Assassin’s Creed — Unlocked by syncing your Ubisoft.com account (link goes to signup page) to your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account. Then activate it in “Skins Manager” under “Extras”.
* Classic Prince of Persia Skin — Received when pre-ordering the game from GameStop.
* Prototype Prince and Elika Skins — Unlocked by collecting all 1,001 Light Seeds (the last one is in the Temple’s tree at the end of the game). Then activating them in “Skins Manager” under “Extras”. Note: Shadowmask mentions this is only unlockable in the PC version. (story Link)

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