'SimCity' Arrives on the iPhone  

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To the stable of games for the iPhone, you can now add the legendary SimCity.

Electronic Arts 'city
building' game, priced at $9.99, is now available for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Users can take advantage of the 'touch screen' technology to design and construct their vision of an urban landscape.

MG Siegler at VentureBeat, who's had a chance to play with the game for a while, waxed enthusiastic about the touch-screen qualities and more--"SimCity is a very impressive game on the iPhone"--but warned of some lingering bugs from the game's demo period:

While some of those issues have been fixed--the game runs fairly snappy now, when loaded--I'm experiencing the game crashing and a slowdown in actions like zooming. From the early reviews I'm seeing on SimCity's App Store page, I'm not alone in experiencing this.

And unfortunately, loading even the more bare-bones previously saved city takes a long time (I'm talking minutes). Maybe for some, that will just add to the nostalgic experience--I remember this was an issue on my old PC back in the day as well. For others, it'll be annoying.

so, have fun with your iPhone 3G !!! (story Link)

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