Windows 7 Build 6956 ISO Torrent Released  

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The Windows 7 Build 6956 ISO has finally been created and is now exploding with leechers on most of the "major torrent sites" after a week of excitement over the leak that originated from WinHEC China. Over 2000 leechers are already downloading from the "Mininova" torrent just 3 hours after its upload. "One site" even went as far as to provide a direct link, but I suspect the forum administrators to take it down soon enough.
This weekend has been an exciting one for the entire Windows community. As soon as the VHD image of Windows 7 Build 6956 was fully uploaded and leaked to the community via torrent, people soon realized that the installation process was too long and difficult for everybody to install. Several methods involving copying the VHD contents over, or using Ghost to backup the image were discovered, but these methods only worked for a very small amount of people. So the race was on to see who could first create an ISO of build 6956.
The first evidence of a possible ISO surfaced over at AeroXP at 5:45 this morning when NetRoller3D claimed that he had finished creating the ISO and was ready for upload. But what he didn’t know was that 4 hours ago, the Chinese Windows community over at "PCBeta" was already distributing their ISO via QQ servers. They had changed their distribution method probably so it could quickly be distributed to a select few strong uploaders, so then multiple seeders can be part of the torrent.
The English community got its first sign of a torrent for the build 6956 ISO when aussie_boi from "thehotfix" posted a torrent link. As of now, the torrent has been uploaded to most major torrent sites. The ISO will allow any user to now install the operating system just like any other. One minor detail the pirates did not attend to was the build number that is displayed at the bottom right hand corner during the installation process. Since the ISO was created based off the build 6801 CD, it still says build 6801. But "duanmuxiyu" assures everybody that the ISO is indeed a legit copy of Windows 7 Build 6956. (full Story)

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