NVIDIA glasses make home computer screen 3D  

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NVIDIA wants zombies to reach right out of videogames and virtually grab players by the throats.

The graphics chip specialty firm is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with an affordable way for just that to happen.

NVIDIA has created a kit that turns computer screen images 3D provided machines have GeForce graphics processors and one of the new-generation of high-resolution monitors launched at CES by Samsung, ViewSonic, or Mitsubishi.

"Imagine being home alone in a dark room playing; you turn a corner and zombie arms come out of the screen at you," said NVIDIA GeForce vice president Ujesh Desai.

"I call that the true pee-your-pants-moment. In shooters you see bullets whizzing past you."

Desai demonstrated the technology with a chilling bout of zombie hunting in popular videogame "Left 4 Dead." Ravines looked bottomless. Bridges appeared treacherous and zombies swarmed.

3D Vision for GeForce kits selling for 199 dollars each contain glasses embedded with circuitry and an emitter that wirelessly sends signals from computers to wearers. (full Story)

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