Samsung Displays 'Show' Projector Phone  

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LAS VEGAS - Well, surprise surprise: Logic Wireless doesn't have the only projector phone at CES this year.

Fresh off the plane from Korea comes the Samsung Show, a Korea-only projector phone that uses TI's DLP technology rather than the Logic Bolt's LCoS system to project images onto a big screen.

I got some hands-on time with the Show, but nobody I talked to knew much about it. It's a somewhat bulky candybar-style phone. It runs a proprietary OS, and includes support for Korea's DMB-T digital TV system. It uses Samsung's TouchWIZ user interface, which involves a touchscreen and movable widgets.

The Show's projector has five options: "File Viewer," which shows movies in a large-screen format; "Album," for photo slideshows, "Story Telling," which appears to project animated Korean children's stories, TV, and Flashlight, which is just a flashlight. (full Story)

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