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I just greased on Logitech's G19 gaming keyboard with its full-blown, full-color LCD display, and it feels just like the G-keyboards you love, but you know, topped a pretty YouTube-playing, widget-powered display.

* GamePanel LCD requires software that supports Logitech® GamePanel™ technology
Logitech® G19 keyboard for gaming
An arsenal of advanced gaming technology
Announcement Date: January 6, 2009 Shipping: March 2009
Price: $199.99 Available at:
Product Overview
As a gamer, you never compromise – not on your team, not on your weapons and certainly not on your hardware. The Logitech G19 keyboard features a tiltable, color GamePanel ™ LCD to
show game stats, VOIP communication data, and many other favorite items. With customization
capabilities such as user-selectable character backlighting color, 12 fully programmable G-keys,
two high-speed USB ports and multi-key input, the Logitech G19 keyboard is the perfect
weapon for your gaming rig.
Key Features

 Color GamePanel LCD* can show game stats, system information, communication data,
video playback, image slideshows, or other information, without leaving the game.
 Twelve programmable G-keys with 3 shift states (or modes) means that you have 36
programmable macros per game or application
o Use the MR (macro record) key to record new macros on-the-fly.
 Multi-key input allows you to use up to five keys at once to perform multiple complex actions.
 Two high-speed, powered USB 2.0 ports give you the ability to connect you mouse to the
keyboard or to transfer data to and from peripherals such as MP3 players and flash drives.
 User-selectable character backlighting color lets you personalize the keyboard to
complement the rest of your computer and gaming equipment.
System Requirements
 Windows® XP or Windows Vista®
 Mac® OS X 10.4 or later
 High-speed USB 2.0 port
 20 MB of available hard disk space
 CD-ROM drive
Product Specifications
 Length: 19.5 inches
 Height: 2 inches
 Width: 10.5 inches
 Weight: 4.86 lbs
 Display: Color 320-by-240 pixel display (full Story)

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