Sony Ericsson has recently unveiled four new panels for its Xperia X1 mobile phone. Available for download from mid-March 2009, the latest panels should help enhance the unique user interface of the X1 that enables users to customize the handset.

  • A new CNN panel will allow users to constantly get updates of the latest news, sports, or weather and a host of CNN content including access to CNN’s  popular citizen journalism tool, ‘i-Report’. Users will also be able to browse information by category, personalize their experience or plug in their location and get instant updates for wherever they are in the world.  
  • A unique Skype panel brings quick access to Skype on the X1, allowing users to get instant information on friends online. Users can easily browse through their contacts and call or IM them in just a couple of clicks, or customize their handsets using the evening, daylight or event based effects.
  • A new Mytopia panel will let users play bingo and poker games with people around the world. Users can even collect virtual coins and improve their rank by winning live matches.  
  • The specially developed ‘On the Road’ panel includes large touch icons and a simple layout. Offering direct access to your music playlists and tracks, navigation tools and easy to use call-handling, this panel will make a users driving convenient and entertaining while on the go.

According to Sony Ericsson, since its launch in Q4 2008, close to 420,000 panels have been downloaded onto X1 devices around the world with half a million unique hits for X1 panels on the Sony Ericsson Fun & Downloads service.

Catherine Cherry, Global Marketing Business Manager, Sony Ericsson commented, “We are very pleased with the success of the Xperia X1 and will continue to evolve the device to meet the consumer demand for a rich, individualized multimedia experience on their phones. By partnering with some of the world’s most popular content providers and applications we are giving consumers the opportunity to customize the device bringing the applications that they use most directly onto the desktop. Users can personalize the device to suite their mood and lifestyle making the mobile experience even more enjoyable and entertaining.”

As you may already know, the X1 comes pre-loaded with a range of panels including a Google search panel. Facebook and Windows Live panels are already available on for download onto the Xperia X1. (story Link)

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