AMD Cuts Phenom II X4 920-940 Price  

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has quietly cut prices on two of its high-end Phenom II X4 chips to counter Intel's own price cuts, a spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

The price cuts have yet to appear on AMD's own site, however. They will be made official most likely within 48 hours, the company spokesman said.

E-tailers such as began advertising that customers could buy the 3.0-GHz AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition for $235, versus the $275 AMD said it publicly charges on its Web site. Newegg also said it would charge $195 for the 2.8-GHz AMD Phenom II X4 920, down from the advertised price of $235. The discounts represent cuts of 15 percent to 17 percent.

AMD spokesman Matt Davis confirmed that the price reductions were authentic and had been approved by AMD. The moves were made from a "price-competitive standpoint," he said.

On Monday, Intel drastically reduced the price of its quad-core processors by as much as 40 percent, which in turn affected the price-performance equation those chips offered.

AMD's Davis said that the moves were not publicly announced, as AMD is in its SEC-mandated quiet period; the company announces its fourth-quarter results Thursday, after AMD preannounced lower fourth-quarter revenue in December, due to weakened demand. "We have embargos, but once something like this is in the hands of retailers..." Davis said.

"The important changes are the ones you're seeing – that customers can get out and buy these," Davis said.  (story Link)

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