Apple Fixing iTunes Plus Issues  

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Last week, Apple introduced individual track upgrades for DRM-free, 256 Kbps iTunes Plus files—and promptly ran into trouble, as some users ended up being charged full price for some albums, instead of the 30-cents-per-track total price.

iTunes_Store.jpgNaturally, this was cause for concern, as it defeated the whole point of the lower-priced upgrades. Plus, once it happened, there was no way to back out of the deal; customers' credit cards were charged instantly. Macworld reports that Apple has now responded to those complaints with the following letter:

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I understand that your album from iTunes was listed as a $3 upgrade but you were charged $9.99. Customers with the Shopping Cart enabled have been experiencing issues with iTunes Plus upgrades of individual albums. They are being charged the full album price instead of 30% of retail for the upgrade.

However, the order containing this item is currently processing. Your request is flagged for follow-up and I will contact you once I can fully refund your order. Please note that processing can take up to five business days from the date of purchase. I also issued 5 courtesy song credits for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

The report said that anyone who has been overcharged should log into their iTunes account, click Purchase History, click Report a Problem, find the item in question, and then click the Report a Problem link next to the overcharged item. (Link)

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