iTunes Music Comes to BlackBerry Storm with nuTsie  

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iTunes tends not to play too nicely with non-Apple smartphones,--like, say, the BlackBerry. Melodeo intends to change that. The company today announced the availability of nuTsie for the BlackBerry Storm; it gives users unlimited access to their iTunes library (the name is an anagram for iTunes, get it?).

Available now for $19.95, the app doesn't actually feature an iTunes-like interface, nor does it stream music from your home library. Rather it cross-references the music library and playlists on your PC with its own collection of licensed music: nuTsie recreates your mobile library and playlist using that music. If you have something they don't, it sends the service a request to purchase that music. The app is downloadable from Melodeo's site.

Oh, and a fun side-note: Dave Dederer, the company's VP of business development who also sends out its press releases, includes the title "has been rockstar" in his e-mail signature. If anyone in this business deserves such a moniker, it's the guy who played guitar for the Presidents of the United States of America for 11 years.  (Link)

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