Known Bugs in the Windows 7 Beta  

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By all accounts, the beta of Windows 7 is remarkably stable. That said, it IS a beta, and there will be some problems. But are yours unique to you and your jury-rigged DIY machine? Before you pull out all of your hair, swing by Microsoft's list of "Things to Know About This Beta Release of Windows 7," which details a number of known problems and incompatibilities. A note on the page informs us that "these release notes address late-breaking issues and information about this beta ...that are less critical than those reported in the Release Notes." A few leap out at me as potentially the most dangerous, or the most irritating:

Guest Mode
If you do any of the following in a standard user account that has Guest Mode turned on, subsequent logins to the account will fail:

* Change any HomeGroup settings.
* Use CardSpace to create a personal InfoCard.
* Install Adobe Flash Player.

In addition, Windows Media Center will stop responding if you attempt to run it from an account in Guest Mode. There is no workaround for either issue at this time other than to log on with an account that as administrative privileges and turn off Guest Mode for the user account. If Windows Media Center stops responding, use Task Manager to stop the Windows Media Center process.

If your computer is part of a HomeGroup and is also part of a home network as well as using a VPN or 3G connection, access to HomeGroup computers may be slow. To avoid this, disconnect from the 3G connection when the computer is connected to the home network. (full Story)

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