Pirates iPhone Apps, Makes for Hilarious email Exchanges  

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You should be able to guess what you're getting yourself into when you download an application whose name begins with the word "crack." Take, for example, Crackulous, an app designed to let users pirate iPhone apps--one which, not surprisingly, can only be used on a jailbroken phone.

Gizmodo wrote up the app and called it out a bit for taking money out of the pockets of hard-working app designers. But the best part of the post came later, when its author, Adam Frucci, got a message from Crackulous's designer. The app that Gizmodo linked to was apparently a pirated version of the software. Crackulous's designer asked that Frucci remove the link and replace it with the URL of the original version of the app, "instead of supporting the pirates."

The irony of such a request should, of course, be immediately apparent. But that doesn't dissuade an amazing e-mail exchange from unfolding, all of which Frucci reprinted for our enjoyment in an update to the post, including an assessment that the creator, "deserve[s] appreciation" for the app. Definitely worth reading. (story Link

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