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We've finally seen the iPhone and we're all waiting to get our grubby hands on one when they finally become available sometime in June 2007. But until then we have to do something to curb that iPhone urge so we decided, with all the speculation that was going on up until the unveiling last month, to compile a list of the worst iPhone concepts that the denizens of the web came up with.

Here you have it, iPhone concepts from Apple fans who thankfully were NOT on the design team:

Your new iPhone also doubles as a faceplate for your car stereo, in case you want to deter thieves from stealing your sounds by masking your $200 stereo with your $500 iPhone.

This either goes on your wrist, which sorta makes sense, or on on your head, like a headband, which makes less sense. I kinda like this one. If it shot webbing, then it would be perfect.

Apple went back in time to the 80s and stole the design for the Sony Discman, figuring that most iPhone groupies would be too young to recognize the Discman, or even know what a compact disc is. Remember when you could pry open the Discman lid while it was on play and see an actual laser? Ah, good times.

Hmm, this is where the remote control for my massage chair went. Let's see ... setting 2 for camera phone and deep tissue massage, please.

No, it's not mints. It's birth control. These very words were spoken to me by my freshman year girlfriend. She was a swell girl.

"What we cannot speak of we must pass over in silence." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Call me old fashioned. I actually want one of these. When old tech and new tech combine to give you a zero sum gain, that's innovation!

Where refurbished flat-screen iMacs go to be repurposed as unusable iPhones. Where's the display, where's the keys, where's everything you need in a phone but the handset?

At least the rotary dial will prevent accidental 911 calls.

The design team went to a Nokia store and rummaged through the overstock bin of starter cell phones.

Because I'm getting too good at texting, the designer of this concept decided to up the ante with a circular keypad.



Ah, when conversation is just too much of a hassle. Phones are getting slimmer but your wrists keep getting weaker. Thank goodness for the lawn-chair design of the new iPhone. Now, my phone and I can relax as I make my necessary connects.

Looks like a glass case but it's not. It's the new iPEZ dispenser.

Texas Instruments and Apple decided to collaborate and build the world's most powerful tip calculator. If you're short on the bill, you can call the 'rents to wire you money fast. Also does square roots to the 8th digit. So nice.


There you have it, folks. The best of the worst. Most of these were concepted in fun, but there were a few we think were serious concept predictions for the iPhone. I hope those were conjured up in a nice safe padded cell. (story Link)

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