3 New Series of Headphones from Sennheiser  

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Sennheiser has introduced three new series of headphones, the CX II, IE and MM series.

The CX II range includes noise-isolating, in–ear canal headphones, with bass-driven stereo sound. The series in the Street, Sport, Gaming, Travel and Style lines guarantee a unique sound experience and exclusive design and colors.
The IE series caters to specific consumer needs. The flagship model, IE 8, marks a milestone in the development of ear-canal phones and enables the user to precisely fine-tune the bass response according to individual preference. The dynamic drivers and powerful neodymium magnets of the IE 6 ear-canal phones deliver high-fidelity sound with an enhanced bass response. The IE 7 range delivers an audio reproduction that is balanced, precise and true-to-life.
The headsets in the MM series are foldable and specially designed for the iPhone and Nokia phones. (story Link)

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