BlackBerry App World priced apps start at $2.99  

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After I wrote about the naming and further information of BlackBerry App World, Kevin emailed me about some information found in the developer information that he found a bit shocking. There is a tier for free applications in the App World, but the minimum price for paid apps is US$2.99 with tiers up to $999.99.

I personally think this pricing tier chart is just fine since I firmly believe that developers of quality applications deserve a fair price. I think Apple screwed up by allowing way too many 99 cent applications that has left many buyers expecting to pay this measly fee for quality apps. Have any of these iPhone buyers ever purchased applications for Windows Mobile or Palm? Applications for these older mobile operating systems were commonly priced at $19.95 or more and for quality applications people were willing to pay these fees. I think iPhone applications are priced too low in almost all cases and have no qualms about paying $10 or more for a quality application.

People regularly pay $3 to $5 for a cup of coffee or $6 to $8 for a single meal at a fast food restaurant so why can’t you pay that same price for an application that you use on your mobile device all the time? Don’t you think applications are more valuable than a simply drink or single meal?

Do you think the $2.99 minimum price for paid applications is unreasonable for BlackBerry devices? (story Link)

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