Soon, majority of users will no longer use IE  

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The reign of IE is coming to an end.

New numbers from analytics firm Net Applications put Microsoft’s Internet Explorer at a mere 67.5 percent market share, having dropped more than 7 percent last year.

The bulk of that loss comes from users of IE 6, an eight-year-old browser that many users appear to be replacing with Firefox, Safari or Chrome, instead of the latest version of Internet Explorer.

What’s more, 20 percent of web users still use IE 6 — and could, too, defect to Mozilla, Apple or Google’s browsers instead.

Microsoft has lost more than nine percent of browser market share in the last two years.

With the news that Microsoft’s latest incarnation of its browser, Internet Explorer 8, won’t address speed and “lightweight” concerns the way Firefox and Chrome do, the #1 browser’s market share with regard to cheap laptops and Netbooks may erode even further.

Is the king on its way toward death? (Long live the king?) (story Link)

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