Dell 2707WPF LCD — Biggest. Display. Ever.  

Posted by Mohammad Talha in , , , , people might think that a man with a 27-inch monitor on his desk is trying to compensate for something. I swear, I just want as much real estate as I can get to juggle the dozens of windows that tend to build up during the day. With 333 square-inches of screen, I can line up all the Word documents, browser windows, and mail messages you could imagine, while still having enough resolution to actually see what each of them says. Come to think of it, maybe I am compensating—for my ever decroding eyesight.  — Mark McClusky

WIRED Big, bright screen fills your entire field of vision at normal working distances. Handsome industrial design is a step above most cheaper-looking models. Color accuracy very good, once adjusted using a calibration tool. Makes you feel like you’re inside what you’re doing, from web surfing to gaming.

Same 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution as some smaller models. Blots out view of the rest of your office. When forced to switch to another display, they feel somehow lacking.

$1,199, (Story Link)

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