Windows 7 Adoption rate to be faster than XP’s  

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A few days ago, we wrote an article about the bright future Windows 7 Adoption has ahead, contrary to many other news sites claiming the same survey results show that IT admins are wary of Windows 7 and prefer to use XP. Ed Bott at ZDNet agrees with me and was able to find further evidence to back his claim that “Windows 7 is on track to be Microsoft’s most successful business OS release ever.”

When the results were shown in pie charts and bar graphs, many were misled that Windows 7 Enterprise Adoption would be another miss for Microsoft.

Windows 7 Adoption rate to be faster than XPs

Perhaps this chart showing the same results in a different format will surprise a few of you:

Windows 7 Adoption rate to be faster than XPs

According to the results of the KACE survey, more than 80% of IT Pros plan to upgrade to Windows 7 by 36 months, which is phenomenal compared to the 30-40% adoption rate of XP. A similar study was also conducted by an investment bank that focuses on technology, called Pacific Crest Securities. 80 IT decision makers working at enterprises of over 1000 employees were surveyed. The results show a much brighter future for Windows 7 Enterprise adoption than the KACE results:

  • 50% plan to upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as it is available
  • 46% expect to start the upgrade before the end of 2009, within months of Windows 7’s release
  • 55% of respondents expect to do system-wide upgrades, rather than upgrading as new PCs are purchased.

It’s also worth noting that 96% of the surveyees like Windows 7 compared to the 88% satisfaction rate of the same group in January. Most of us tend to forget that most businessess need to spend at least a year to test for compatibility and work on implementing a good migration strategy. Ed Bott has also written an analytical post on the history of Windows adoption rates that is worth reading for those interested. (Story Link)

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