Tips for Deleting Your Cell Phone Data  

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When the John McCain campaign didn't wipe out their BlackBerrys before they sold them, they unwittingly dumped a trove of confidential phone numbers into a reporter's hands. When you throw out or recycle a phone, you may be doing the same thing—letting the next person who grabs it see your old text messages, or your mom's number, or that "seductive" photo you took for your significant other.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to solve this problem: before you ditch, sell, recycle or donate your device, wipe it.

If you've just bought a new phone from your carrier, you can take your old and new phones to the carrier's store. They'll wipe out the old phone for you, and they'll probably be able to transfer your contacts to the new phone, too (though they may charge you about $10). Then you can give the old phone away, sell it on eBay or or donate it to a charity by dropping it off at the carrier retail store.

Otherwise, here are some tips for deleting data on your own. These tips won't protect your phones against police-grade forensic software, but they'll protect you against casual poking around.

All Phones: Remember to remove any memory cards. Also, before you sell or give away a phone, either remove your SIM card (for AT&T and T-Mobile users) or call your carrier to get them to remove the phone from your account (for Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Cricket and MetroPCS users).

BlackBerrys: From the home screen, select Options, then Security Options, then General Settings. Click the menu button. Select Wipe Handheld.

iPhones: Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC, launch iTunes, and select the various iPhone tabs to turn off syncing. (Pay special attention to the "Info" tab.) Now disconnect your iPhone and turn it off. Hold down the Home button until the message "Please connect to iTunes" appears. Let go of the Home button. Plug the iPhone into your PC or Mac and run iTunes. Click OK, then Restore.

Palm OS Phones: Each device has slightly different instructions, but they're all collected on

Windows Mobile Phones: Irritatingly, it varies from device to device. On some phones, from the programs list, go to Settings, then System, then Clear Storage. Enter "1234" and press the Yes button (probably the left soft key). Clear Storage might also be in the Accessories or System Tools folder in your program list. Some Windows Mobile devices have a "Hard Reset" option instead of Clear Storage.

Windows Mobile Palm Treos: Remove the back cover of the phone. Hold down the power button. Remove the battery, then immediately replace it. Let go of the power button. Press Up.

Most Nokia Phones: Type *#7370# on the keypad. Enter 12345 as the security code.

Other phones: Go to the phone's "settings" menu. Look for an option marked "Security," "Master Reset," "Memory," "Initial Setup" or "Clear." You might open another menu; look for a Clear, Wipe or Master/Factory Reset option. If the phone asks you for a lock code, it's usually the last four digits of your phone number, but it could also be "1234" or "000000." If you can't find the right option, go to a carrier store; they'll wipe the phone for you. (story Link)

The iPhone may have started the touch-screen smartphone trend, but these days, there's no shortage of competition. Which handset is right for you?

After years of fiddly devices that required a stylus to operate, the time is finally right to buy a touch-screen smartphone. The tipping point came when Apple shook up the market with the finger-friendly iPhone. Since then, competitors have popped up all over the place.

Several early iPhone clones were nothing more than thinly disguised feature phones. The LG Dare, for example, is a slick and powerful touch option on Verizon, even though it sports a screen with lower resolution than that of the iPhone. Similarly, the Samsung Instinct is a solid, inexpensive choice for Sprint subscribers. And the Instinct is a better deal today for two reasons: It now works with the excellent Opera Mini 4.2 browser, and Sprint added over-the-air calendar sync with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange via the carrier's new Mobile Email WORK service.

The Dare and the Instinct aren't true smartphones, however, so they are of little consequence to someone looking for a handset that can support native third-party applications. If you want a touch-screen smartphone, though, you still have plenty of options. In addition to its touch screen, the T-Mobile G1, the first real Google Android smartphone, sports a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry Storm 9530, meanwhile, is the first touch-screen BlackBerry ever and offers a unique spin on the touch interface with its click-enabled LCD. Other companies have also followed suit, with touch-screen Windows Mobile handsets like the slider HTC Touch Pro and the iPhone-esque Samsung Omnia, both of which put a finger-friendly face on the notoriously finicky WM interface. Even Nokia has entered the fray after years of keyboarded smart devices with the Symbian-based 5800 XPressMusic.

See how the features on these touch-screen smartphones stack up side by side, or click through to the full reviews below.

Smartphones Featured in This Roundup

iPhone 3GApple iPhone 3G (AT&T)
Editors' Choice Logo
With the advent of the App Store, the iPhone 3G is now a full-fledged handheld computing platform. It's also a great iPod and—finally—a decent-sounding voice phone. This second-gen version adds high-speed data access, a true GPS radio, and an improved 3.5mm headphone jack. (It's also half the price of the original iPhone.)

BlackBerry Storm 9530 : FrontBlackBerry Storm 9530 (Verizon Wireless)

The Storm's innovative touch screen acts like one giant mouse button that clicks when you press it. That's good for some things, but typing sure feels weird; this one is definitely a try-before-you-buy handset. It's a genuine BlackBerry otherwise, with powerful push e-mail for up to ten accounts. Interface oddities and some bugs aside, the Storm is a gorgeous smartphone.

HTC Touch Pro HTC Touch Pro (Sprint)

The Touch Pro is probably the best example of HTC's TouchFLO-equipped smart devices. Its slick, five-row keyboard and full VGA screen are huge pluses. Unfortunately, its sluggish, obstinate Windows Mobile roots drag it down—even though the Touch Pro offers the same powerful document-editing and synchronization capabilities as other Microsoft-based handsets.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Contact HistoryNokia 5800 XPressMusic (Unlocked)
Nokia's first touch-screen smartphone offers some unique features, but like Research in Motion, Nokia didn't get everything right on its first outing. Still, the 5800 is a capable voice phone that works with Nokia's unique (and free) Comes With Music service. (Note: In the case of the 5800 XPressMusic, we reviewed a prerelease model; the final version is expected to hit stores within a few weeks.)

Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 (Verizon Wireless)Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 (Verizon Wireless)

Verizon's version of the Samsung Omnia is much better than the expensive, buggy, unlocked model we first reviewed in early fall. The Omnia's 5-megapixel camera, video-recording capabilities, and strong Opera Web browser mark it as a powerful multimedia phone—even if its interface isn't all that responsive.

T-Mobile G1 T-Mobile G1 (T-Mobile)

Android, Google's long-awaited open-source mobile OS, has finally hit the market in the guise of the T-Mobile G1, a slider smartphone that looks a lot like the carrier's popular Sidekick. The G1 features a solid Web browser, good call quality, and excellent integration with Google's various services. It needs more software on the multimedia side before it will catch the class leaders, though. (full Story)

Google Chrome Wonderful Tips  

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Google chrome is a brower with no addon compatibility feature,these bookmarklets will help you have some additional benefits which will be useful to some of them out their.Just make sure you have the bookmark bar enabled on new tabs.Click ctrl+b on your chrome browser and you will have a static bookmarking bar whenever a new tab is opened!

To use this bookmarklet,click on the hyperlink and drag them on to the Chrome Bookmark bar.

Stumble using Chrome

Stumble it - Add this link and click on it whenever you want to Stumble a page you liked. I like this bookmarklet better than the toolbar as it gives me more space.Another way of stumbling a webpage can be found here.

“Gmail This!” bookmarklet

Gmail This - Another very useful feature to mail any page using Gmail. For Google Apps Mail, try this(you will need to replace “” with your own domain name).

Social Bookmarking submission

Socialize – Submit a blog post from Google chrome to more than 50 social bookmarking website with a few clicks.

Check Google Pagerank

Google Pagerank – Google toolbar was not available for chrome browser,the toolbar has a smart pagerank system,drag this bookmarklet and click on it whenever you want to check the pagerank of any website or blog.

Twitter Updates from Chrome

Twitter now – Drag this bookmarlet to chrome bookmakr bar and whenever you feel like updating your twitter account just click on the bookmark to get a pop up which will let you update the twitter status and check messages.

Tumblr bookmarklet

Tumblelog - Sharing on Tumblr has always been easy, and it still remains on Chrome too.If you own a tumblr blog then this bookmarklet would be helpful.Just Drag this button to your Bookmarks Bar to quickly post to your tumblelog.

Dictionary,thesaurus and reference

Dictionary – One does misses dictionary under your mouse point in Chrome. No more now! Dictionary addon plugin is also here.If you are a thesaurus fan, just drag and drop this (Thesaurus) bookmarklet too on your bookmarks bar.Also you can add a similar bookmarklet for Reference too!

Google translation Chromelet

Translate Landed on a page that seems Greek to you ? No worry anymore, just click it and see the translation in English. YOu dont even need to know the source language. (story Link)

Watch Ballmer’s Keynote at CES 2009  

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With the departure of Bill Gates from Microsoft, we will be seeing Steve Ballmer do this year’s keynote at CES. Windows 7 is expected to be the center of focus with the possibility of a mention for Xbox and maybe even the rumored ZunePhone.

The keynote is scheduled for January 7 at 6:30PM PST. Long managed to get a hold of the stream links for the keynote:
Low(1ooK), Medium(300K), High(750K)

You can use these links to watch Ballmer’s keynote during CES. (full Story)

One of the most obvious changes you’ll see when you first boot into Windows 7 is the new taskbar dubbed the “superbar”. Most people like it, some don’t, but I think overall its a large improvement over that little strip of screen real estate which has not had a major renovation since Windows XP.

For some users, one hurdle of the new “superbar” is its enormous size, or so it appears. To set the record straight, I conducted a little side-by-side experiment with two quick-launch items and two active applications on both Vista and Windows 7. Together with a measuring tape in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other, I counted. Soon enough, I grew impatient and resorted to Photoshop instead. Here’s how they measured up.


In conclusion, some interesting findings. The Windows Start “pearl” button actually shrunk by about 8 pixels. Quick launch items are given more than twice the width and three times the width with Windows 7’s small and large icons respectively. Application buttons have relatively remain unchanged from Vista (and do not change in width with small icons), at the same time appearing much more elegant. (story Link)

Saint’s Row 2 System Specs Revealed  

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Saint’s Row 2, one of the most entertaining free roaming games released this year (sorry GTA 4) is coming to a PC near you and here’s the kind of horse power you’ll need to run the game:
Minimum Requirements:
- Windows XP / Vista
- 2.0 GHz Dual-Core Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2)
- 1 GB Available System Memory
- 15 GB Available Hard Drive Space
- 128 MB 3D Video Card w/Shader Model 3.0 Support (Nvidia GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1300)
- DirectX Compatible Display Capable of 640×480 16-bit Color Resolution
- DirectX 9.0c Compatible 16-bit Sound Card
- Broadband Connection for Internet Multiplayer

Recommended Requirements:
- Windows XP / Vista
- 3.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2)
- 2 GB Available System Memory
- 256 MB 3D Video Card with Shader Model 3.0 Support (Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD3850)
- DirectX Compatible Display Capable of 1024×768 in 32-bit Color
- DirectX 9.0c Compatible 16-bit Sound Card
- Recommended System Requirements Required for 2-12 Player Multiplayer or Co-Op
Saint’s Row 2 will release for the PC by the 6th of January 2008. (story Link)

Television for iPhone  

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Network limitations somewhat stymie what the iPhone and iPod touch can do with video, iphone_cyberssystem.blogspotbut that hasn’t prevented developers from trying to harness the power of moving pictures on the devices.’s Television is a video aggregator that lets you watch  61 news (and news-ish) programs on more than 30 channels, including CNN, NBC, the Associated Press, and CNet, as well as several foreign news services. The app also includes videos from the Onion, College Humor TV, VH1, and MTV. The app’s successes and limitations show just how far developers have to go before getting video right.

First and foremost, Television is not “live.” The app requires a working Wi-Fi connection; it does not function on a 3G network. This would seem to be a strange limitation. After all, OrbLive, another video-playing app, runs live video on Wi-Fi and 3G. But OrbLive is bedeviled with speed issues—undermined by the constraints of the network.

Television does serve a useful purpose as a reasonably well-organized clearinghouse for TV news. The interface is straightforward. You launch the app and scroll through a list of TV channels. Tap a channel and up pops a list of programs. Tap the program you want to watch and the video will launch automatically. (story Link)

Top 10 Beat‘em up Games of All Time  

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The "Beat‘em up" genre has a long and varied history in the video game timeline. Once an overpopulated and overcrowded genre, Beat‘em ups are now a skeleton of what they once were, and the few games that are released on today’s home consoles typically don’t live up to their ancestor’s glory (I’m looking at you, Final Fight: Streetwise). Golden Axe IIRegardless of the current status, this genre holds some of the most memorable games and characters ever created.
The following list is a top ten of the best Beat‘em ups to date. This list was tougher than Abobo to create. Initially, I had over 20 candidates for the list before I even sat down to think about more! Eventually the list dwindled, however, and after some epic cuts, saves, and garbage cans filled with health-replenishing gourmet food, here are the top ten Beat‘em up games:

#10 - Golden Axe II (Sega Genesis)
Golden Axe II was one of those games you loved to play, yet hated in almost every way. It was overly difficult, it took forever to beat, and the basic moves you had were weak compared to what the varied assortment of enemy grunts couldn’t do. Regardless, none of that stopped the game from being addictive. The different magic attacks you could use, the wildlife you could ride, and an alarming amount of elf kicking are just a few of the things that made this game special. Oh, and because it was a sequel, everyone got a sweet-looking headband.
Castle Crashers

#09 - Castle Crashers (Xbox Live)
Castle Crashers is the newest banger to the brawl, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s any less entertaining. Up to four players can play simultaneously, bashing bad guys, using spells, weapons, and collectible animal companions that each have their own unique ability. Players could also engage in an eating contest, and even fight each other to the death. Unfortunately, a faulty online experience and save-erasing bugs (kiss your level 30’s and hidden characters goodbye if you put your hard drive on another system) keep this game from going any further down the list. While they did eventually release a patch for this (several months later), it’s essentially like them closing the stable gate long after the horse has bolted. In this case, the horse represents consumer interest. (story Link)

Capcom Hints At Dead Rising For PSN  

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uring a recent blog posting at the Official SCEA PlayStation Blog, John Diamonon of Capcom seems to confirm that Dead Rising is on its way to PSN.

This is a fanmade boxart for illustrative purposes only
This is a fanmade boxart for illustrative purposes only

The blog entry promises ‘A Special Surprise’ in the title yet in the body of the post we see,
Oh yeah, there’s also a big (sentence deleted by Capcom and SCEA PR ninjas)… Can you believe it? Wow, how can you not be excited about that? I’m just glad that I was finally able to talk about it. It’s been a long time coming but I’m ecstatic that it’s actually going to happen. (full Story)

Windows 7 Beta Damages Some MP3  

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It is probably fair to say that the Windows 7 builds that have been floating around on the Internet are very stable and that only a handful of minor errors have been reported yet. According to Neowin the latest two builds of Windows 7 that leaked to the Internet may damage mp3 files under certain circumstances.

The problem was first recognized by users who noticed that the first few seconds of their mp3 files had been cut off. Some thought it was related to bad cross fading first but it soon turned out that the data was not there anymore. Many users thought it was caused by Windows Media Player 12 but it turned out to be a global problem. (story Link)

Is The PS3 Really Future-Proof?  

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Before you debunk this as more hell fire thrown unto the PS3 or any other console at that, please remember that I will never post flaimbait or fanboy crap.

This article is here to highlight the many features generally regarded as Future-Proof on the PS3 and see just how future-proof they really are. I wil not base this on opinions but instead fully on facts.

Future Proof Feature 1 - Blu-Ray?

Since the announcement of Blu-Ray there have been many doubts and skeptics created in attack of this very capable technology, but when it waged war against the most popular HD media disc format at the time, everyone could see Sony meant business. We were about to see a turning point. The war was won, HD DVD saw its demise, earlier than many expected, And this is all because Blu-Ray packs a lot of punch - It features a 25GB standard single layered disc and a 50GB Double layered counterpart. Far greater then anything known before. It is the one thing on the PS3 that has clearly differentiated it from the competition since release.

And with the movie industry adopting the Blu-Ray disc as their very own. it going nowhere. Future-Proof? YES! (story Link)

The MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) genre is a pretty big one, but one of the most popular themes that appear on this market is the space one. Although EVE Online is currently the most popular space-themed game, a lot of other titles are beginning to show promise and will certainly make this genre very popular.

One of the most ambitious projects is the Star Wars: The Old Republic title, which is currently being developed by Electronic Arts’ BioWare studio, makers of the original RPG series Knights of the Old Republic, and LucasArts, the owners of the Star Wars IP (Intellectual Property). Even though fans are eagerly anticipating any tidbit of information, the developers haven’t really made any big statements, only saying that it will dominate the space-themed MMORPG genre, and that it will make a big dent in the World of Warcraft user base.

However, Greg Zeschuk, one of the co-founders of the BioWare studio recently unveiled some new details about this future game. He talked with 1Up and said that Star Wars: The Old Republic would deliver a great experience, which focused on the individual player, no matter what side he was on. Zeschuk then went on to say that the game would gather every good part of the other space-themed MMORPGs and combine them with an element of choice. “Our real focus is on the player, on being the hero or the villain in the Star Wars universe. (story Link)

DVD on Wii 3.4 - Confirmed!  

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It has now been confirmed that DVD playback is available through Homebrew for any Nintendo Wii with the October 23rd system update.

The Hombrew community had managed to unleash the Wii’s DVD drive for DVD playback prior to the 3.4 update. unfortunately the system update that Nintendo released on October 23rd, 2008 had made it impossible to install the DVDx Homebrew on any system that was updated. Wii Homebrew Review has discovered that there is a confirmed DVDx installer now available through the forums on that works with system 3.4. (story Link)

Wii Puts 10 in Hospital a Week  

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TEN people a week in Britain are hospitalised from playing Wii games.

The growing toll has prompted NHS doctors to warn of the dangers.

Wii-itis sufferers usually have excruciating pain in the right shoulder or knee.Wii-itis ... games can cause injury

Wii-itis - games can
cause injury

A rheumatology consultant said: “Most are admitted after playing the tennis and running games which involve sudden movements and violent tendon stretching.”

Dr Dev Mukerjee, of Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex, said: “There has been a 100 per cent increase in patients complaining of Wii-itis.

“I’ve seen many patients aged between eight and 13 — and I’ve seen adults.

“It’s possible that Wii-itis may lead to rheumatism and arthritis in later life. Patients often have inflammation of the shoulder or wrist.”

Others have a ligament injury dubbed Wii-knee which some have blamed on the popular Wii-Fit game.

Dr Mukerjee said: “People who are double-jointed are most likely to suffer from Wii-knee — and in extreme cases the knee cap can be dislocated or can even pop out.”

Treatment includes cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory painkillers. Recovery takes up to three months. Docs advise stretching exercises before play. (story Link)

World’s Largest Windows Media Center Remote Control  

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If you thought you had too much free time, think again. Much to the frustration of many, remote controls have a tendency to feature very small buttons. So when “michbex” saw a super-sized Brookstone remote control at a shopping mall, he knew he had to do one better.

A true geek at heart, “michbex” and his partner-in-crime bought two Playstation 2 Dance Dance Revolution mats, a PS2-to-PC converter box, wrote a C# .NET library to interface with the mats and some more code to send appropriate keystrokes to Windows Media Center. (All of the source code is available from his site for download.) The result, is a Windows Media Center remote control fit for the Hulk. (video Link) (full Story)

Nokia 7100 - The New Supernova Mobile Phone  

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Like Nokia’s N-series, XpressMusic and Prism series, Supernova series is now Nokia_7100_supernova_CybersSystem.BlogSpotbecoming popular. many supernova phones are very easy to handle  and they are user friendly and smart.
Nokia 7100 is the newest phone in this category which is going to be launched in end of the year 2009. actually this is very simple and user friendly phone and there is no special thing in this phone. Nokia 7100 is going to be very cheap because it has only necessary features. it is a 2G phone and the camera is 1.3Mp one. but it has a good media player which supports MPEG4 media format.
it’s a slider design mobile phone and the rounded corner design allows you to easily handle it. it has a HTML web browser and 1000 entries phone book.
all features
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Stereo FM radio with RDS
- FM recording
- MP3 player
- MPEG-4 player
- T9
- Built-in hands free
- Voice memo

(story Link)

HTC Touch Diamond  

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Nokia has a famous mobile phone concept named Nokia prism concept. It’s a fashion mobile concept and Nokia has launched series of mobile phones in this category. Mainly all of them have prismatic and triangular shapes and colors. Today our reviewing phone is very similar to this concept phones but it’s a HTC phone.
The latest HTC squad member, HTC Touch Diamond, might as well be starting a new era for Microsoft OS-powered mobiles.
Never before has Windows Mobile looked this sharp, nor has it been as feature-loaded. Gem-inspired design, VGA screen, GPS and a built-in accelerometer might just be enough to get WinMo fans exited but the HTC Touch Diamond reaches beyond. A usable 3 megapixel camera and the latest edition of the TouchFLO UI are running on the brand new 6.1 version of the Windows Mobile Professional OS. And all that is packed into a package that’s as compact as they get.
It’s rather hard to find a Windows mobile device to boast the same extras as the Diamond and be just as pocket-friendly. The compact size of the HTC Touch Diamond and the VGA screen are its best ammo in the market share war.
All features
• 2.8" 65K-color VGA display
• TouchFLO 3D Home screen and gesture controls
• 4 GB of internal storage
• Wi-Fi
• Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 Mhz CPU and 192 MB DDR SDRAM
• Dedicated graphics chip (64MB RAM reserved for graphics)
• HSDPA 7.2Mbps
• Built-in GPS receiver
• Standout design
• Compact and lightweight
• Stereo FM radio with RDS
• 3.15 MP auto focus camera
• Active magnetic stylus
• Touch-sensitive scroll wheel
• MS Office Mobile document editor
• Opera 9.5 web browser
• Standard miniUSB slot and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
• Comes with the amusing Teeter game
• YouTube client
• Excellent video playback performance

(story Link)

Fake iPhone Nanos Hit Thailand  

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According to Apple Insider, knockoff iPhone Nanos have surfaced in stores around Thailand, all fitting the description of the rumored Nano which has yet to be confirmed by Apple or any manufacturer.
Many of the devices even include the official Apple logo and iPhone labeling and branding, making some of the fakes very hard to spot.
The OS of the phone also mimics that of official iPhones down to the icons and wallpapers.
A few pictures from the source:

(story Link)

LG KF750 Secret New Version With No Secret  

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The LG KF750 is another famous phone in LG category. Even this blog, you may found a review about KF750. Now the improved KF750 secret is available. LG_KF750_CybersSystem.BlogSpot
One thing we know about the LG KF750 Secret is that it’s hard to resist. The handset seems to have it all - turn-head exterior, top-notch skill and a few exotic extras to spice things up. Looks have long been the defining feature of the Black Label series by LG. Now, the Secret brings some muscle to tip the form vs. content scale the other way. LG Secret packs a 5 megapixel camera, slow motion and fast video recording, carbon fiber battery cover and tempered glass over the display. The other highlights are the Neon Touch Navigation and Touch media navigation. So, there we go with keeping it a secret.
All features
• 2.4" 262K-color display of QVGA resolution
• Touch-screen functionality and auto screen rotation
• 5 megapixel autofocus camera with AF-assist light
• VGA video recording at 30 fps
• SloMo and Fast video recording
• Touchpad with haptic feedback
• Carbon fiber battery cover and tempered glass display
• 3G with HSDPA
• USB and Bluetooth connectivity
• Hot-swap microSD card slot
• Slim body and sleek looks
• Ambient light sensor
• Built-in accelerometer
• DivX player
• FM radio
(story Link)

Nokia 2605 Mirage Cheap Clamshell Mobile Phone  

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Nokia 2605 is a newest phone, Nokia_2605_CybersSystem.blogspotbut it’s a some kind of traditional phone because of its features. if you need just a mobile phone, this is for you. this is very cheap phone but they have included most necessary features. Nokia 2605 has bluetooth and advanced voice reorganization features. if is easy to get calls with handsfree. Even this is a cheap phone; Nokia 2605 has two internal and external displays. You can read text messages even through external display. (story Link)

Nokia_2605-2_CybersSystem.blogspot - Blog Search