Apple's Thunderbolt 27inc Display  

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Last, and probably least, in today’s deluge of new Apple products is the Thunderbolt Display, a new 2560 x 1440 LED monitor with Thunderbolt connectivity. The 27-inch screen connect to MacBooks, just like the existing Cinema Display, but the addition of the speedy Thunderbolt I/O, it almost turns into an iMac.

The monitor has three cables. One plugs into the power socket on the wall, one sends power to your MacBook’s MagSafe port, and the third will connect with mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt port.

This last cable not only carries the video from the MacBook, it also works the other way, giving the Mac access to the display’s three USB ports, single FireWire 800 port, Ethernet port and another Thunderbolt port, along with connections to the screen’s HD webcam and speakers.

Thunderbolt's transfer rate is 10GBps per channel. isn't enough in one I/O port?

The single Thunderbolt port will let you daisy-chain other peripherals, just like you could with old FireWire gear. Thus, the monitor can stay on the desk, hooked up to an embarrassment of add-ons, and with the connection of a single cable your lightweight MacBook Air will be transformed into a multitalented workstation. The Thunderbolt Display can costs you around $1,000.

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27-inch) [Apple]

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