is that paying through NFC is safe?  

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NFC wireless technology is considered a "complement to Bluetooth," reported Threatpost, and it has been "built into mobile phones and a wide range of wireless smart tags, akin to RFID tags, that can store a wide range of information and interact wirelessly with NFC-enabled phones. Applications for NFC technology include mobile payments, in which phone users could transmit credit card or banking information wirelessly from their phone to a check out device, as well as ticketing. So-called 'smart posters' have already been deployed in some cities and contain smart tags with direction and even information that can be wirelessly transmitted when NFC phones are brought in proximity to the phone."

How to protect yourself:
With the rising concern over mobile security, we asked Lookout CTO and co-founder Kevin Mahaffey what consumers can do to protect themselves.

“Consumers can protect themselves by being cautious when clicking links within emails, SMS or social networking sites that ask for personal information,” he says. “We also recommend that user’s download a security app and always take time to read the reviews before downloading any new applications. Make sure they read the permissions to make sure they make sense!”

These are things to look out for, and through their report Lookout highlights the different things that the consumer can do to keep their information safe. Each of theses has a varying level of danger because they can be packaged with legitimate apps or channels that people trust, so it does create an issue because the average consumer wont know which is safe and which is not. - Blog Search