New Security Risks Discovered and Patched  

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Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Windows has issued bug fixes for 11 new security loopholes in its April windows Updates. Five of them are classified ad critical, i.e. they can be used to capture a PC through the Internet and remotely install software that uses it as part of botnet.

Solution: Use the automatic windows Update tool without fail. Thereafter, your operating system will be secure.

Adobe flash player:

Seven security loopholes affect the Flash player for windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris. Attacker can seize control of affected computers using a doctored swf file. vista users are only at risk if the also use java.

Solution: Adobe has the version number

Apple QuickTime: In spite of the patches to version 7.4.5, the video codec QuickTime has not become reliable. A hacker known as David Maynor has publicized many loopholes which exist even after the update.

Solution: If one wants to be on safer side, one should do without QuickTime entirely.

Apple iCal: Researchers have disclosed three bugs that could allow malicious code to execute, since Apple has failed to respond to their reports since January this year. - Blog Search