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Ubisoft was created 2 game of Prince of Persia. The first one is Prince of Persia : The Two Thrones, and the second is Prince of Persia : Sands of Time, what i gonna say about that game… it was awesome game!!!. But silently Ubisoft preparing the new scence of adventure for The Prince at 2008!!! with the simple title “PRINCE OF PERSIA”, also common with Prince of Persia: Prodigy. As a developer of Prince of Persia Ubisoft Montreal give some different contents from the 2 last games that was created. (click to original size)

First, In the last 2 games you will play with the prince of the kingdom. But know…our Hero in Prince of Persia: Prodigy is an adventurer. He is the man who finding some gold, money and more about that can make him became a rich man. And with this job, he will famous and called with the name “Prince”. The story is begin when The Prince gonna enjoy his wealthy after he finish with his adventure, but he trap on the big sand storm. after the storm going down, The Prince see that he now in some beautiful land, it’s like fantasy dream…an he meet a girl was named as Elika. Elika bring The Prince in to the Tree of Live at the middle of the land. In there The Prince see awakening of God of Darkness AHRIMAN, that was prison on the Tree of Life, and use the power to close the land with the darkness. After it Elika open the identity of The Prince, and she found that the prince as a Ahuras that keeping the place of Ahriman was prisoned. Prince and Elika will do a great adventure to stop the bad evil of Ahriman, and to repair the land from the darkness.

The second, Ability of The Prince will more better then the last 2 games. He will have some agility and the good fighting so it will make him more powerful and become a great killer machine. The weapons that he wear are a sword and some gauntlet (like some clowed glove) . Beside for attack his enemy, the gauntlet can use for glid from the high place. Although The Prince cannot control the time, he have another great ability as good as the last 2 game.

Another thing that make this game different is abut the appearance/feature. All of the game looking is use like some illustration graphic. Different with the old game is use Full 3D, but now the developer choose to use the illustrative graphical style. Even looks like cel-shading graphic but the appearance is completely different with another game that use same technique, like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. (story Link)






The "TIBERIUM" Game  

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Tiberium is a cancelled tactical first-person shooter video game title set in the Command & Conquer universe, that was in development by EA Los Angeles (EALA). Tiberium was initially revealed when shots of the January 2008 issue of Game Informer was leaked, but was officially announced by EA just a day after. Prior to the announcement, the game had been in production for two years. (click to original size)

In the first previews of the game by GameSpot and IGN, it was confirmed Tiberium uses a game engine based on Unreal Engine 3.

On January 18, 2008, a trailer of Tiberium was released on GameTrailers with a message of more to come on January 25. (See external links section). It would have been, to date, the only C&C game not to include "Command & Conquer" in its title.

Tiberium was cancelled on September 30, 2008 due to the game's failure to meet "quality standards set by the development team and the EA Games label".

In 2058, eleven years after the Third Tiberium War, a wasteland covers what was once the Mediterranean Sea. The player takes the role of Ricardo Vega (main character of the novel), a GDI Forward Battle commander recently pulled out of retirement, who is exploring the single complete Scrin Threshold Tower, called "Tower Omega" by the GDI and "Threshold 19" by the Scrin, in this area. The tower is believed to be a relic from the Third Tiberium War but turns out to be the base of another Scrin invasion.

Gameplay: Squad
The most important feature of the game would have been that the player controlled squads of units, as opposed to a single member. The producer claimed that controlling the squads would be very easy, and that the squad members would automatically find cover, such as behind a walker's legs. Squads were intended to be deployed at the beginning of each level, with reinforcements being sent as members were killed. The known squads and units prior to cancellation were the rifleman squad, the missile team, the Titan Battle Walker and the Orca VTOL Assault Craft. The number of squads able to be controlled in the console version of the game was four, via the directional buttons on the controller.

In Tiberium, the player would have access to single weapon: a multi-purpose transforming "GD-10". The weapon was shown to include four firing modes, similar to that in Star Wars: Republic Commando or Jak 3. These modes included an anti-infantry rail gun carbine, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, and an anti-aircraft missile launcher. Ammunition status was to be displayed by a hologram on the weapon rather than via a heads-up display. (story Link)

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X  

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In story of H.A.W.X is happening in 2012. In this time, the world is very depend on the private military companies (PMC) that create many of soldier of fortune, most of them don’t care about the law. This make competition between PMC, and make chaos into the world. Even one of the most influence in PMC do attack to the USA!! Their objective is to conquer that country, to spread their territory. To stop this bad action, the gamer whose in the HAWX (High Altitude Warfare Experimental) Squadron was created to destroy the basis of PMC in Brazil.

HAWX as an Ace Combat give something difference to us. Well, that not doubt if this game give some air action fighting, the one is different is about the plane. You can see in the other game that they use the reality of military data. In HAWX the planes is so cool, even there is have realistic plane but this game give some thing like sense of realism. You will see the cool fictive planes.

Ubisoft Romania prepare more than 50 planes that you can use in combat. Start on the plane in the war Vietnam until the new prototype is going to show in this game. Beside that to make this game more realistic, you will have a wingman. The wingman can help you to finish the missions, its like reality war. (story Link)

Platform : XBOX 360, PS 3, PC GAME



RELEASE : Q1 2009


Tomb Raider : Underworld  

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This time Crystal Dynamics as the developer of Tomb Raider : Underworld give some new story in this game. I’m sure you already know about Lara Croft, this woman was common as the adventurer girl in the Tomb Raider movie. The new game of Tomb Raider, will played in the deep of ocean. That’s why this game named as Tomb Raider:Underworld, the really place is in the Mediterranian.

The setting in the deep of ocean is not only great in story, but also great when you find the wild sea animal. Like the shark, the poison jelly fish and may be if you lucky you will find the pope. Of course when Lara in the sea she will use the dive clothes, and Lara will bring the grenades to protect her from the shark.

In this game Lara also can use two stuff of her hand. You can use one hand for the gun, and the other will use the flashlight. The another unique is Lara also have a camera, it can be used to get some picture, and that photos can uploaded to the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live (just for the console version) to share the secret with other player, that they cannot find it.

So, if you really wanna see some game that will make your adrenaline getting up…you need, oh must play this game. (story Link)

Genre : action

Release : November,18 2008

Platform : PS 3, X BOX 360, PS 2, Wii, PC GAME - Blog Search