Dell Studio XPS 16  

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Dell wants you to know that its latest Studio XPS line brings with it a level of prestige—a refined segment for customers who seek luxury and style. The Dell Studio XPS 16 ($1,804 direct) accomplishes just that, succeeding the XPS M1530 as Dell's new bad-boy media center. Seeing how every laptop maker is putting in the same processors and advertising 4GB of memory, home-theater features, and big screens, Dell decided to raise the bar with the XPS 16. Design is its biggest differentiator, as it uses not just one but a number of the hottest techniques in manufacturing. Its display is none too shabby as well. Photographers and professionals can reap the benefits of the RGB LED widescreen and the 1080p resolution without paying outrageous prices for them. For this, the XPS 16 reigns as our new Editors' Choice for the media center category, trumping the HP HDX16t.

The lid is clearly one of the main attractions. It takes its cues from trendsetters like the aluminum Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Dual Graphics), the leather-clad ASUS U2E-A2B, and the HP HDX16t with its polished exterior, mixing a little bit from each of these laptops in a manner reminiscent of an exotic drink: one part black leather trimming, one part aluminum accent, and two parts lacquered top. The lacquered part is defined by a process called In-Mold Decoration, similar to the one perfected in the HDX16t, which allows different designs to be placed between the glossy coating and the magnesium alloy skeleton.

At 6.9 pounds, the XPS 16 is not an ideal companion for road warriors, although it's more portable than the Gateway MC7803u (7.7 pounds) and the Acer Aspire 6930G-6723 (7.2 pounds). It's a smidge heavier than the HDX16t, and for good reason: The XPS 16 uses a big 85-Wh (nine-cell) battery, as opposed to the HP's 56-Wh (six-cell) option. The XPS 16 has its own six-cell option, which would bring its weight down to 6.5 pounds, thus making it as light as the Sony VAIO VGN-FW198UH (6.4 pounds). I'll get to why the nine-cell battery is the best option a little later. (full Story)

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