Remember those gimmicky neck cooling fans that came out years ago? Well, the NxSet from S1 Audio is kind of like that, only these are intended to replace your earbuds.

Designed as a sleek and light-weight neckband, NxSET products move the traditional headset to the shoulders, where two integrated speakers on either side of the device project sound up to the users ears, providing full fidelity stereo sound and comfort. At higher volumes, NxSET can be placed in a common area to easily share music or a phone conversation with multiple people.

There are several different models to choose from:

•NxSET Music 1 – Includes two high-fidelity speakers that project audio to the ears when worn
around the neck. When the volume is increased, the device can be used as a miniature and
highly portable speaker system.

•NxSET Music 2 – Similar to the Music 1 model with the addition of retractable earbuds for
entirely private listening.

•NxSET Mobile 1 – Designed to work with mobile phones, this model includes a single speaker
and retractable earbud along with high performance microphone to replicate an off-the-head
mobile headset. CSR BlueCore™5 Bluetooth™ technology is incorporated to eliminate the need
for cords.

•NxSET Mobile 2 – Similar to Mobile 1, this device is designed with music-enabled phones in
mind and features two personal speakers where users can switch between stereo phone headset
and listening to streaming stereo functionality without cords, thanks to CSR BlueCore™5
Bluetooth™ technology. The device also includes two retractable earbuds for completely private

Whether people will dig the Running Man / Dog collar vibe of the NxSet remains to be seen. A price and a release date have not been determined. (full Story)

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