Killzone 2 You Will Disarm Nukes  

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Halo, Resistance, Gears of War and Killzone — it seems that most every epic first-person shooter series these days tells the tale of an inspirational, heroic retaliation against an bloody alien invasion, in order to have some kind of plot on which to pin its player-led massacre. But as tired as we are of directing gruff space marines, we don’t begrudge FPS developers the use of this cliche… because each individual game has managed to kick some serious ass, and sell fairly well in the process.

But according to a review of adult content at the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) this morning, Killzone 2 players won’t just have the one cliche to cope with.

” This is a first-person shooter in which players are members of an elite military unit whose mission is to quell an intergalactic threat and disarm a stockpile of seized nuclear weapons,” the report reads.

After the jump, the ESRB has another small spoiler; and a detailed description of why Killzone is not for the kiddies. (story Link)

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