Left 4 Dead Freezing Fix  

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Steam has had a holiday sale going on  and being the frugal gamer that I am I got a couple deals. One of them being Left 4 Dead.   However much to my dismay after downloading and installing the game it had horrible freezing and the sound looped over and over while the screen stood froze.  So as any salty PC gamer would do I hit up the Left 4 Dead forums and dug around to see if anyone else had the same issue.

My moment of  genius payed off. I found many who came before me had the same issues.  It had to do with Left 4 Dead prompting me to update my Geforce video driver to 185.20 which I did during the install I mentioned above, and consequently there appears to be issues with this and multi-core processors at the moment. (story Link)

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