Some Reason Why XP Owners Won’t Love Windows 7  

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Microsoft is betting that Windows 7 will succeed where Windows Vista failed. But there’s one group of people who most likely won’t like Windows 7 any more than they do Windows Vista — Windows XP users. Here’s why.One of the biggest complaints that XP users had with Windows Vista was its hardware incompatibilities. Older printers, scanners, network cards, and other peripherals simply didn’t work with Vista. Here’s the bad news: They won’t work in Windows 7, either, because Windows 7 uses the same driver model as Windows Vista. So XP users will be out of luck.

XP users also tend not to be fans of Vista’s Windows Aero and other interface enhancements that they dismiss as so much frou-frou. Guess what — there’s even more frou-frou in Windows 7, such as a new taskbar and a nice new feature called Aero Peek. (For more details, see “Review: Windows 7 Beta 1 shows off new task bar, more UI goodies.”) Those features won’t make XP users happy. (full Story)

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