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The W595 is a simple upgrade to some of Sony Ericsson’s other Walkman handsets. In fact you might say it’s the same as an earlier model the W890, only in a different form factor. The Specs are almost identical with a few minor distinctions. Take a look.
Form Factor
I’m not crazy about the color of the handset I got in for testing. The glossy red lines and white body give it a very distinctive girly feel. But thankfully, if you’re of the same opinion, the handset is also available in Jungle Grey, Lava Black, Active Blue, and Peachy Pink aside from this Cosmopolitan White. The design is sleek and slender with a smooth slider mechanism. The W595 is equipped with a 2.2-inch TFT LCD display with a light sensor (that’s quite erratic) and a 240 x 320 pixel 256K color resolution. The navigation system and keys are a little too close together on the same level. This is a bit of an issue as you’ll sometimes end up hitting the wrong key if you have pudgy fingers like me. I also believe that the keypad could have been a bit larger although I have no problem with the design.

Once again Sony has gone with their proprietary USB/Charging/handsfree port that will allow you to use the handset for one function at a time. It’s a good thing that the handset charges through USB in this case. There’s no dedicated camera key for the 3.2 megapixel camera, just a Walkman button for shake control. If you’re under the impression that the same key will activate the audio player you’d be wrong. I even held it for few seconds and it did nothing. A set of volume/zoom keys are located on the same side.

The W595 is a decent looking handset, and I can only say that because I have seen the other colors, but one of the biggest pains is that it has no hot swap for the M2 card (2GB included) and removing the rear panel for ANY reason is not something I recommend as it has the highest potential for the plastic clasps to break. It’s tough enough to break a nail. I think this is what SE hopes will be your final mobile that you’ll never ever want to change. The panel is so tightly wedged in that it’s a deterrent for anyone who could ever have the inclination of removing the battery for one reason or another.

Features and Performance

There’s absolutely nothing new with the interface. It’s still quite vibrant, colorful and animated as any of the other SE handsets. So I can say, in compassion, it’s not slow but it’s not fast either. One of the biggest problems was, as I mentioned earlier, the very erratic light sensor. It seemed like all the ambient light surrounding our world was going a little nuts and hence caused the display to constantly become brighter and dimmer alternatively. Although the handset has an accelerometer, it’ll only function for web pages and the media menu. That means you’ll be constantly turning the handset one way or another for viewing. (full Story)

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