BlackBerry App World announced by RIM  

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Earlier today RIM announced that the upcoming BlackBerry software store would be known as BlackBerry App World. The site informed visitors to come back at 10:00 PM Eastern for more exciting news. After this time, the site was updated to its current design and let’s you register to be one of the first to know when the store launches and also setup your PayPal account to enable purchases of applications. The site states that PayPal is needed to download BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry App World will not just be an application storefront, but will allow you to message friends, track stocks, and much more from a single application. You will need a BlackBerry with OS 4.2 or higher and a BlackBerry with a trackball or SurePress touch screen so it looks like the BB devices with scroll wheels are not supported with the application store.  (story Link)

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