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I’ve been waiting patiently to see Evernote come to Android and S60 and while there are still no native clients yet for these platforms, they did just launch a new G1-optimized website for Evernote. You need to visit www.evernote.com/m with your G1 browser to access this new site. As you will see it does give you a much better experience than the standard mobile site.

Check out this Evernote blog post for more details on this optimized site, including this list of what’s new:

* Easier search and navigation with quicker access to commonly used features
* Touchscreen optimization makes browsing easier and faster
* Works in both portrait and landscape modes
* Dynamic user interface takes full advantage of the Android browser

Evernote Mobile Web can also be used by other devices and I plan to try it on my S60 devices as well to see how it works out. The good news is that Evernote does plan to release a native client for the Android OS and other mobile operating systems that probably include S60 and the Palm WebOS. (story Link)

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