Blue Badge tool unlocks all known protected features in Windows 7

Last week, Rafael revealed a weird protection scheme around some unfinished features in Windows 7 (build 6801). Well now, he’s finally created a stable all-in-one tool that will unlock all the mentioned features: the new taskbar (superbar), gestures, panning, and Desktop Slideshows.

Before you go to install the patch, the patched files are not backed up. However, I have created a .bat file, which will automatically backup all the required files as long as you have installed Windows 7 on your C Drive, and your system 32 directory is located at C:WindowsSystem32
There is some risk involved so it’s very important that you backup these files.

You can download the .bat file for backup here

Just choose the save option, and double-click it. The .bat file will create a new directory – C:patched_files_backup and copy the following files into that folder:

  • WindowsSystem32wisptis.exe
  • WindowsSystem32ieframe.dll
  • WindowsSystem32shell32.dll
  • WindowsSystem32stobject.dll
  • WindowsSystem32TabletPC.cpl
  • WindowsSystem32themecpl.dll
  • WindowsSystem32themeui.dll
  • WindowsSystem32powercfg.cpl

Please open up C:patched_files_backup afterwards to make sure all files were properly copied. Once you have backed up the files, you can download the tool here.

Only the 32-bit version (x86) is up for now. I’ll update this post once he gets the 64-bit version of the tool ready.

Here is a look at the protected features the tool can unlock:

  • The new taskbar (Superbar):
    Blue Badge tool unlocks all known protected features in Windows 7

The unlocked taskbar (superbar) is much like the one demonstrated at PDC on build 6933. Large icons are used, window previews can be shown by hovering over them, applications can be moved around in the taskbar, you can close windows as shown, and the new graphics engine displays a bright hue that follows your cursor as you move your cursor around the taskbar (kind of difficult to describe but you’ll know what I mean when you see it.) You can check out the review on the features here.

  • Gestures and Panning:
    Blue Badge tool unlocks all known protected features in Windows 7

Unlocks the panning tab under Pen and Touch and unlocks new settings shown above. The options seem to be greyed out.

  • Desktop Slideshows:
    Blue Badge tool unlocks all known protected features in Windows 7

Desktop slideshows was talked about previously in this post. You can have your desktop wallpaper change at certain time intervals specified by you. Although you can’t seem to draw images from feeds or add your own feeds just yet. (story Link)

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