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Rafael from Within Windows is just on fire with his reverse-engineering skills. Just a few days after discovering the hidden taskbar, he was able to discover another hidden feature which he called “Desktop Slideshows.” This feature was found under the Personalize option in the desktop menu.Windows 7 Prebeta Secret Feature Discovered: Desktop Slideshows

The feature basically allows your desktop wallpaper to automatically change itself from intervals ranging from 10 seconds to 1 day. There’s also an option to pause the slide show when using battery power.

Windows 7 Prebeta Secret Feature Discovered: Desktop Slideshows

Another neat aspect of “Desktop Slideshows” is the ability to draw images from feeds. This is good for those who don’t have a lot of images, or want to draw their images from an outside source. You could subscribe to a comic feed and read a new comic every time you turn on your computer. However, Rafael reports that this feature is not yet fully functional. Afetr all, it is build 6801 and Microsoft did not intend us to find or use these features at all.

He’s working on a workaround to get this feature unprotected for us to play with. Updates will be posted as soon as we hear word that he’s got it working. (story Link)

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